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There is Still Hope

“There is hope even when your brain tells you there isn’t” – John Green

Hope is a beautiful feeling; it is having expectations for something out of life or love. Our hope as kids was so much bigger, the world was our oyster. We were optimistic about life, we would dream of becoming president, a doctor, a lawyer, and a veterinarian. We dreamt of finding true love or finding happiness in life without worry. Our dreams dwindled as the years came and went and with each changing season, we grew older.

Do not let the spark in your eyes dwindle. Keep that hope for life and love alive. Try to find the positive in life even when it seems like life keeps knocking you down. It is okay to want positive outcomes out of horrible situations. When things are not going our way, we feel bad about ourselves, and we focus on the negative. We worry about the future and what could happen causing our bodies to go through stress and anxiety when it hasn’t happened yet so we either go through it twice or unnecessarily. Try focusing on the positive things in life, big or small. Remind yourself, the sun always comes out after a storm. Hope is everywhere, hope is not lost, hope is the last thing that is lost in life.

Written by Rachel Gonzalez

Let’s Talk Mental Health

Life is not remorseful; it is continuously moving forward. It makes no excuses for anyone. Life does not stop when we need more hours during the day to finish that last project at work or homework assignment. Life goes on when we are grieving the loss of a loved one or experiencing heartbreak. The everyday activities that fill up our days like cleaning the house, tending to the kids, cooking for the family, cutting the grass, or paying the bills that have been piling on the counter can be stressful. It is difficult to have that perfect balance of our work life with our personal life and make sure we are making time for ourselves. All we want to do is stop time so we can just catch our breath. We all have wished once in our lives that life came with instructions.

In the moment of struggle, our problems seem bigger than the world itself with no solution in sight. The weight of the world is on our shoulders, we feel like it is slowly crushing us to the point of suffocation. We keep it bottled up because we feel that we are a bother or no one will understand us, so our feeling of loneliness grows. Our worries keep increasing like a cup gradually being filled to the brim, drop by drop until it overflows. The stresses of life can be overwhelming and can feel like it is consuming us.

We need to be able to listen to our bodies telling us to slow down. Having a fit mental health is beneficial to release endorphins and decrease stress and anxiety from our lives. Be able to step back, unplug from the world to be able to reconnect with ourselves. Take an hour during the day where you just sit in silence, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. Do things that help you cope in healthy ways, taking a stroll outside, eating a healthy meal, journaling your feelings, picking up hobbies that interest you, or getting a goodnight’s sleep. Do not neglect your mental health, especially during these times. Keeping a fit mental health starts with you.

Written by Rachel Gonzalez

The Little Girl Who Grew Up to Be You

I have been fascinated by this phrase – the little girl, or the little boy who grew up to be you. Think about that little kid, the one who ran around playing, going to school, trying to figure out how to get along in your family. That little child is still in you, still trying to figure out what happened, and how to negotiate the path before you. You carry that precious little person everywhere you go. The problem is, you don’t always take care of that child.

I used to meet with a small group of men on Thursday mornings. We met to talk about our inconsistencies, not the problems with the world, or with our wives, but the problems we brought into the mix. How can we be more true to our principles? — I remember telling them what I felt inside. I felt that I was a six-year-old boy in first grade, being hurt and confused, and trying just to get along, to meet expectations, to do well in a place where things were never quite clear. Guess what? They all nodded in agreement. We are all still trying to figure out what to do next, making mistakes, and hoping we won’t be punished or ignored.

Later, I would learn a technique that addresses the pain I feel every day. These were the pains of embarrassment, rejection, lack of self-confidence, and a hundred other things that keep me from having peace in my soul. This technique brings out the little boy who grew up to be me.

Take an average counseling session. Say that a woman is struggling with self-confidence at work. Her boss criticized her, a colleague puts her down in subtle ways, or she is nervous about a big assignment. Something happened last Tuesday that made her feel awful, either angry, afraid, or made her feel like giving up.

It takes 45 minutes to tell the story and begin to work through what happened and how it made her feel. This is how we talk therapy, what we call counseling. There is comfort in just getting it all out, and in finding validation. You are not crazy. It did happen, and it should not have. You are more than what they say you are. That is true.

And underneath all that, there is the little girl who grew up to be you. We can take what you felt last Tuesday, when you were put down by yourself, or by others — and we can find the moment in your childhood, the moment when you were put down and first felt so inadequate. In that moment you were astonished by how inadequate you were. Someone who was supposed to love you, they let you know that you were no good at all. It was crushing.

That little girl – the little girl who grew up to be you – she is still there inside. She has worked all her life to live up to expectations, to be good enough. And last Tuesday when someone criticized you, she was awakened, and she was hurt. She is right there, sad, and angry because she has tried so, so hard to meet expectations.

Let me ask you to do one thing. Be kind to that little girl. Love her. Pick her up and give her a hug. Smile at her. Look at her in the eyes and tell her out loud – “You are so pretty, so smart, so good. I love you.” You can do this with a teddy bear, any stuffed animal. Put your little girl out there and hold her close.

From this little boy who grew up to be me, to the little kid who grew up to be you – God bless your little heart. There is more to therapy than this. We can find not only validation for what you feel, but we can change how you feel in those hurting places. We can find meaning.


Written by David Hall, LMHC

-Retiring from emergency medicine, David Hall returns to his first love, counseling. His passion in life is to heal people from their trauma caused by life circumstances and from painful emotions.

Love is Communication

Let communication be the seed that you water with honesty and love. So that it may produce a happy, fulfilling, and successful relationship.”

-Stephan Labossiere

We should fuel positivity, peace, and love into our loved ones, especially to our partners. Stephan Labossiere quoted it beautifully, couples will experience arguments and disagreements, but how you approach the situation will set it apart from being toxic or unhealthy. Talking through the uncomfortable is how we grow as individuals and as a couple. Creating a safe environment where you both can speak on your feelings through the smallest to the most painful of topics sets the tone for you both to be open to conversation.

The following communication tips can help manage conflict in your relationship:

1. Always listen to your partner, do not listen just to answer.
2. Avoid using hurtful language.
3. Listen actively.
4. Use “I” statements rather than “You” statements to avoid making your partner feel attacked.
5. Speak to each other with respect and love.
6. Validate each other’s feelings.

Communication is key in a relationship to build a stronger and healthier bond for it to flourish and thrive. We all want to feel heard, not talked down or belittled. In a world that is already so cruel and harsh, be each other’s peace. Remember it is not you versus your partner, it is both of you versus the problem.

Speak from your heart to his heart instead of from your mind to his mind.”

– Rori Raye

Written by Rachel Gonzalez

Some Seuss Love

It’s a troublesome world. All the people who are in it are troubled with troubles almost every minute.  You ought to be thankful, a whole heaping lot, for the places and people you’re lucky you’re not.”

-Dr. Seuss

This Dr. Seuss quote was written long before the isolation and fear that accompanies the Pandemic and recent world events. Yet even then, the world needed more kindness, forgiveness, and love. Today, more than ever, it is imperative that we use the power of our words and actions to create positivity, peace, and love and reject negativity, war, and hatred.

Love and kindness are all about customer service. Yet, we often offer the very best customer service to clients, associates, colleagues…even strangers. Many demonstrate kindness to people far from their hearts and reject those near and dear. Oftentimes, we show more interest and attention to others and ignore the ones that need our love and attention the most. In these troubled times, wouldn’t it be great if we could spread joy and kindness by doing little things that mean a lot to all?

Random acts of kindness are deliberate, selfless actions that bring happiness to others without consideration of reciprocity. The recipient need not be a stranger and may be someone that lives with you or right next door. Someone that may appreciate your kind deed so much that they carry out the kindness to someone else. This domino effect is only possible if we each seize the opportunity to do good, right here and now.

Can we make the world a better place? You bet!

Here are five practical, actionable steps that can help show kindness and love to all.

  • Offer a smile, a compliment, and words of encouragement.
  • Send a handmade card, note, or love letter.
  • Nurture compassion by listening empathetically without interrupting.
  • Visit, call, write, email, or text someone to show you care.
  • Share stories, memories, unwanted or excess items, photos, books, articles, etc. Give generously and from the heart.

There is hope that the steps shine some light. Now here is a quote that’s quite right!

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not!” -Dr. Seuss

written by Ria Ruane, MA, RMHCI



Taking Therapy

We all talk about going to therapy.  Having to go to therapy can mean going to an in-person session with a therapist in their office or finding a quiet place where you feel safe and comfortable to log on to a secured link for a virtual visit.  But what we may or may not talk about is taking therapy.

It is equally as important to the process of working on our mental health to not only show up for therapy but to take what is learned in therapy with us. The therapeutic process involves building a relationship in which you feel comfortable sharing some of the most uncomfortable aspects of your life or yourself. This can take time, but during this process, there is a lot to be gained as well. The act of speaking your fears, concerns, and troubles aloud allows you to acknowledge them and begin the working phase of therapy.

This phase is what the name implies, work.  But remember, you sought therapy because you wanted to improve how you are feeling.  So, this requires you to be open to change. If everything in your life, including you, remain the same you will have the same problems. This seems simple, but taking the insight gained in therapy back into our day-to-day lives requires us to be mindful and to make new or different choices. This is what it means to take therapy. Taking therapy into each minute of your day and especially into those difficult moments when change is needed the most, it may be work but it may also be fun and restorative!  These changes can lead to relief, more happiness, less stress, and an improved outlook on life. Taking therapy is an investment in your well-being and your future.

The first step is going to therapy, the next step is taking what you learn there back out into the world with you.

Written by April Daniel

Inspiring Woman

As women, living a fulfilling life where we feel happy, heard, and respected is what we all aspire to be and have. Empowered women go after what they want, they set their goals and never give up until they reach them. The strength women have is unmeasurable, women are creatures of wonder as they have been defiant to reach their standing in the world.

Bria Young is a female registered mental health counseling intern, a perfect example of an empowered woman who is rightly so in her feminine energy. She has found her passion in life through intentionally implementing faith in herself as well as others that she may encounter. Bria is a holistic therapist and really uses true motivation and encouragement when it comes to her clients. She tries to reach her clients on a level where she actively listens to create a safe and comfortable environment. Bria knows how to bring a sense of lightness into her sessions with her great sense of humor and consistently incorporating authentic genuineness. Bria is an inspiring woman; she lives her life knowing that every day may not be good but there is some good in every day.

“Let your faith be greater than your fear.” -Bria’s Favorite Quote

Written by Rachel Gonzalez

Women On the Rise

A women’s beauty is often displayed on magazines and billboards being objectified. It’s not about the beauty on the outside of the woman that should catch attention, but the strength she must wear it every day. Who said that women need to have flawless skin, soft eyes, make-up done, and not a hair out of place? Women are so much more than that, they often are teared down and have had to work to reach success.

Our Mother’s Home Organization is a pillar for young women who are turning a page to a new chapter in their lives called motherhood. They give young women a fighting chance in society when they are not financially, emotionally, or mentally stable to enter such a harsh world especially for women. Our Mother’s Home Organization has been around for 20 years, they give young women the resources and tools to be successful or have a better chance. Their mission is to empower teen moms and build a new facility with transitional living space to increase independence.

It is essential to empower women for their self-worth, independence, and to reassure they have control over their lives. Empowered women and organizations such as Our Mother’s Home are who have helped to pave the way for future women leaders all over the world. Join us on March 11th as they are hosting an in-person event in celebration for mental health, well-being, and women empowerment.


Visit for more information or to donate.

-Written by Rachel Gonzalez

Empowerment Women ORG December’s Non Profit Spotlight

As we wind down the 2021 year, it has become more important that we as a people reach out to one another more

The Organization Empowering Women

Empowerment Women is a global movement that has been growing since 2013, with the goal of connecting women with financial services and resources to meet their economic potential and improve the welfare of their families.

About the organization

Dedicated to empowering women to achieve their full economic potential by inspiring both women and men to become advocates, change makers and leaders in their community. We equip them with resources, opportunities and a global platform that facilitates networking, learning and sharing of experiences.
By doing so, they help women break through barriers and bring about systemic change for themselves, their families and communities. We are convinced that when women have greater access to resources and opportunity, everyone is more empowered to reach their full potential.

With their Vision as A world where every woman is able to use her voice, make her own decisions, and engage in economic opportunities.: They are taking positive steps that will help women all over grow within their communities by sharing knowledge and giving them ways to be more involved with all sorts of industries. As Economic potential thrives throughout a community so does wealth distribution, financial empowerment and personal success; hence why we support such an organization because without women being financially successful how can families progress or even stay afloat economically.

Why economic empowerment?

For those who work full-time in America, women still only earn 81 percent of what men do; while there are more female CEOs than ever before, that number remains incredibly low. While there is not one reason for these issues, a common contributing factor is financial literacy. With more money in her pocket every month, a woman has a greater ability to achieve equality between genders. By teaching women how to properly manage their money, we can help them make smarter financial decisions and ultimately receive equal pay. This will encourage corporations across industries to open their doors wider for females and teach younger generations about financial empowerment at an early age—to ensure gender equality at all levels of society continues in our great nation.

How financial empowerment can help women?

Financial empowerment is a necessary precursor to economic empowerment. With that in mind, here are three ways financial empowerment can help women break down barriers: 1) Financial education helps provide resources for opportunities that otherwise might not have been possible and 2) Making strides toward financial freedom makes them feel more empowered in all areas of their lives and 3) Having a steady stream of income enables women to set aside money for savings, whether it’s a college fund or their own business.

Help for women around the world

While women make up 51% of a global population, they are underrepresented in economic and political power. A woman working full-time typically earns less than 60 cents for every dollar a man earns. In many countries, women can’t vote or own property or even open a bank account. The United Nations declared 2015 to be the year of empowering women, but there is still much work to be done around the world—and that’s where Empowerment Women Organization comes in. Their goal is to help women learn new skills so they have better economic opportunities and also get involved in global issues like climate change, education, social justice, sustainable agriculture/farming/ranching, health and peace building.

The organization hosts webinars on topics such as safety tips while traveling abroad (or just walking down your street), overcoming cultural barriers while living or doing business overseas or starting a business from home with very little overhead costs. They also offer mentorship programs to help grow women’s businesses and encourage them to work together for a common goal: helping women thrive economically, politically and socially around the world.

To learn more about how you can get involved, visit their website at empowermentwomenorg .com, where you can sign up for newsletters and daily blogs covering everything from empowering female leaders around our planet to breaking news items affecting women in countries around our world.

If we all do that together, perhaps one day we will live in a society where each of us understands why we all deserve an equal opportunity—regardless of gender.

Now that is the best way to ring in a New Year!!!

Stay safe and may your 2022 be full of prosperity…Happy New Year!!!

3 Ways to Develop a Lifetime of Empowerment

3 Ways to Develop a Lifetime of Empowerment

One of the most important things in life is your relationships with other people, because no one can make it through life alone. Your relationships are what give you strength and comfort, and give your life meaning and purpose, leading to lifelong empowerment . These three ways to develop a lifetime of empowerment will help you build better relationships and create your best self, so that you can live the life you’ve always wanted.

1) Understand Your Relationships

The more you understand yourself and your relationship with others, including your partner and children, parents and extended family, friends and other associates, colleagues at work, neighbors in your community and so on—the better equipped you are to deal with whatever comes your way. Be open-minded, empathetic and accepting of others’ beliefs or circumstances. Remember too that how you treat others reflects back on you; if you want healthy relationships filled with trust, love and respect—treat those around you accordingly. And find someone trustworthy to confide in about problems or issues that may be affecting your outlook on life, either professionally or personally. You may not always get what you want but by being self-aware, putting yourself first and striving for empathy will only benefit you (and everyone around you) down the road.

2) Develop Your Purpose Through Meaningful Work

Believe it or not, your sense of identity can be developed through meaningful work. When you feel like you’re working toward something bigger than yourself—that is, helping someone else or working toward some larger goal—it feels fulfilling in a way that can be uniquely empowering. If you have a deep-seated desire to make an impact on others, consider finding employment within an organization that enables you to do so and facilitates your personal growth.

Pay Attention to How You Spend Your Time: Time with loved ones provides us with valuable support during times of stress or worry, giving us much-needed balance when things aren’t going as we expected them to at work. It can also help us develop skills that are necessary for effective leadership and project management, such as being able to be flexible in uncertain situations and being able to effectively handle conflicts within interpersonal relationships. If you have limited time on your hands due to work responsibilities, make an effort to prioritize spending time with your closest friends and family members—you may be surprised by how empowering it feels in stressful situations!

3) Build Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is based on how we feel about ourselves, and it impacts every area of our lives. Low self-esteem can lead to mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety. Our emotional health directly influences our physical health—so you might be surprised by just how much low self-esteem affects your body! By learning how to cultivate high self-esteem, you can strengthen your relationships with friends and family, develop your sense of identity, and live a purposeful life.

Building self-esteem can be challenging, especially if you have negative self-talk going on in your head. To build self-esteem, start by being honest with yourself about your identity. Consider all aspects of who you are and take pride in what makes you unique. Your sense of identity doesn’t have to match society’s idea of success; it can simply reflect what makes you proud and excited about life. Once you establish a strong sense of identity, building self-esteem is simple. Just acknowledge your successes and compliment yourself whenever possible!

The more you embrace positive feedback from others, too, the easier it will be to feel good about who you are.