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Mental Shift: Creating Unity in Your Relationship

When working with couple’s towards conflict resolution. The first question I ask them is: “what is one step you can take to work towards a solution?” Being able to work towards healing and restoration in a relationship means creating a mental shift from focusing on all the areas the other partner is lacking, and begin to focus on what steps are...[ read more ]

Being Authentic

Being an authentic person is something you may hear said from time to time. Many people do not know the answer to the question “how do I be my authentic self?”, because they don’t understand the question. It wasn’t until I became much older, after hearing this question, that I understood it. What do you mean my “authentic” self? My...[ read more ]

Mental Health and Nutrition

Although mental health is something that we are all touched by, many choose to be silent about the impact of mental health on our daily lives.   While there has been more awareness with famous athletes being open about their struggles; many people often choose to struggle on their own.  This week we celebrated World Mental Health Day to bring...[ read more ]

Inspiring Growth

Why am I here? Ok, so not the deep philosophical question of “Why am I here?” but more the “What is my role here?”.  Going a step further, let’s take a look at why I, April Daniel am here but also why you are here.  First, I can tell you why I am here with great certainty.  I am here...[ read more ]

Finding Freedom from the “Narcissist”

Narcissism, a term we hear but what exactly does it mean? The definition of a narcissist is "a person who has excessive interest or pleasure, or admiration of themselves." In other words, someone who is self-centered, unwilling to admit fault, lacks empathy, and struggles to make emotional connections. How one develops this personality trait stems from several different factors including...[ read more ]

Thoughts About Online Counseling

I love counseling.  It’s like walking in your shoes, living out your experience.  Not only do I learn about you and your challenges, I also feel some of what you feel.  I get to see some of your worst moments. I vicariously feel your fear, loneliness, and confusion. Forgive me for this comparison.  I use it only to give you...[ read more ]

Loving Your Body

When you catch your reflection as you walk past the grocery store window, there are three common reactions. The “I look good,” the “keep walking, I have places to be,” and the “oh… that’s what I look like?” I can almost guarantee that everyone has experienced all three of these reactions. And while the last reaction can help someone make...[ read more ]

Godlike Patience

Have you seen the videos of irate customers giving flack to employees? Seeing those outrageous displays makes me think about how people have become so quick to anger. I think “Jeez, I’m glad I’m not as negative as them.” But recently I’ve been noticing that I have a shorter fuse too. While I don’t raise my voice or throw things,...[ read more ]

Scheduling Conflicts in Relationships

At some point or another, you will most likely have a partner who you feel like you never see. Your schedules are exactly opposite, or they have so many necessary projects going on that you feel like you’re never in the same room anymore. These periods of time can feel lonely and isolating. It’s part of the tough necessities in...[ read more ]

Helping Others: Much More Than a Hill of Beans

When COVID-19 emerged, many people felt the need to focus on their own health and those of the loved ones in their home. After this difficult time of fear, anger, depression, anxiety and survival, it may be time to turn our attention towards helping others. After all, it is in giving that we receive and giving has healing and health...[ read more ]

Common Dream Symbols and Their Meanings

Having and recalling vivid dreams is both a blessing and a curse. The brain’s most uninhibited creativity takes place during sleep, which can lead to wild inspiration and motivation. On the other hand, the brain is complicated and processes experiences in the waking world during sleep. Processing negative emotions and experiences can cause dreams to take a dark turn into...[ read more ]

Children’s Sports and Confidence

Research has always touted the benefits of youth sports both physically and mentally. Sports can be a great way to promote socialization and teamwork as well as improve confidence and resilience. A child may meet their best friend that they share all their secrets with on the soccer field. Or they may land their gymnastic routine and begin to portray...[ read more ]

The Importance of Charity Work

For many people, one, two, or even five dollars is easily forgotten. Did you miss that pocket change when you put your pants through the wash? Remember that surprise you felt when you found the crumpled up two dollars under the couch cushions? While these few missing dollars every year remissfully pass through our consciousness,they can change the entire day...[ read more ]

How To Deal With A “Karen”

Recently my sister Becky and I were listening to an animated story from a 10 year old boy who explained to us that “girls on the playground can be real Karen’s.” We did not understand and asked, “What is a Karen?” Using air quotes he told us that a “Karen” was a girl that who was not so nice. He...[ read more ]

Antisocial Personality Disorder: Misunderstood and Mischaracterized

The terms “sociopath” and “psychopath” are both out of date and out of touch. They carry negative connotations with them throughout society from a history of stigmatization. Most people don’t even know what these terms used to mean, let alone what the updated diagnosis of “antisocial personality disorder” is. Psychopathy There is no one accepted definition of psychopathy. It is...[ read more ]

Gratitude in the Hardest Times

The easiest thing to do during a time of struggle is to throw up your hands, look up at the sky, and ask, “God, why me?” What doesn’t come easy is the answer to that question. The truth is that there is always a reason for what God puts in our lives. There is always a reason for that roadblock....[ read more ]

Does your Marriage need a Vacation?

Lives are changing for the better here at Cape Coral Therapists because of the Vacation Counseling-Couples Retreat Program and its implementation in our community and as we reach out to the World Wide Web.  How can I tell? I can see it in the couple's eyes…they are brighter. I can see it in their smiles…they are wider. I hear it...[ read more ]

In The Moment Meditation

“I have a forty-hour work weeks, chores, appointments, kids, general personal care, and you want me to think about meditation? Yeah, right.” I hear this sentiment incredibly often in my sessions. Many lifestyles just aren’t built to accommodate what is typically thought of as meditation. But meditation can be whatever and however long you choose it to be! When life...[ read more ]

Who Is Holding Your “Remote Control”?

Is he or she emotional, subject to jealous fits? Is he or she prone to temper tantrums? Is he or she subject to wide mood swings? Is he or she calm under any circumstance? These questions are essential because, as much as you would like to be fully in charge of your life when you date someone and become emotionally...[ read more ]

How To Show Up For Your Other Half

If everyone went through hardships completely on their own, the world would be a much sadder place. The fact about humans is that we are a communal species. We need each other for support and caring when life goes awry. How that support and care looks is different for everyone though. There is simply no cookie-cutter method to helping everyone,...[ read more ]

How to Show Up For Your Other Half

If everyone went through hardships completely on their own, the world would be a much sadder place. The fact about humans is that we are a communal species. We need each other for support and caring when life goes awry. How that support and care looks is different for everyone though. There is simply no cookie-cutter method to helping everyone,...[ read more ]

Keeping Depressive Thoughts at Bay

Depression is an extremely difficult disease. It can alter your entire view of the world around you, your view of friends and family, strangers, activities or hobbies you used to enjoy, everything. It’s because of this warped-perception that depression tends to last as long as it does. When everything in your life seems pointless, boring, and dull, who wouldn’t be...[ read more ]

Tools for a Successful Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are not for everyone. By far, they take more work than relationships in close proximity. But the lucky few who CAN make it work should have every tool possible at their disposal! Here are my tips to making long distance relationships work. Open Communication - forever and always The number one tip in any relationship should be...[ read more ]

Men’s Health, Mental Health: Lowering Mens’ High Suicide Rate

The conversations around Men's Health in June tend to revolve around the physical self. Cancer and diabetes are the most talked about issues, but the topics need to go further. The mental health of men in the U.S. often drifts to the wayside until it is forgotten. The suicide rate of men in the United States is over three and...[ read more ]

Major Depressive Disorder 101 – Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

Major Depressive Disorder Depression is feeling similar to sadness that many people feel they experience. Although there are various forms of sadness and depression, it is important to understand the difference between feeling sad, or situational depression, and having a clinical diagnoses of major depressive disorder. Major depressive disorder looks different for many people as individuals all experience unique situations...[ read more ]

Friends…and their benefits!

"Our closest friends are among life's greatest fortunes. It seems as though each decade brings along its certain bundle of friends, the ones most appropriate for that timeframe. Mutually venting about our ridiculous parents when we’re thirteen, sharing unwavering beliefs at a mere 23 like we have it all figured out, and if we’re lucky, we take a few of...[ read more ]

Multiple Personality Disorder; What is it really?

Dissociative identity disorder (DID) or more commonly known as Multiple Personality Disorder is defined as a mental maladjustment of an individual; enduring two distinctly different characters or character states. Individuals with DID have been discovered to express vastly different emotions in these character states, feelings, and stress reactions on a chemical level. DID affects roughly 2% of the United States...[ read more ]

Aging Well

As we develop more seasoned, we experience an expanding number of significant life changes, including vocation advances and retirement, youngsters venturing out from home, the deficiency of friends and family, physical and wellbeing challenges—and surprisingly a deficiency of freedom. How we deal with and develop from these progressions is frequently the way to solid maturing. Adapting to change is troublesome...[ read more ]

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is a possibly genuine rest problem. It makes breathing over and over pause and begin during rest. There are a few kinds of sleep apnea, yet the most well-known is obstructive sleep apnea. This kind of apnea happens when your throat muscles discontinuously unwind and block your aviation route during rest. A recognizable indication of obstructive sleep...[ read more ]

Does the pandemic affecting your marriage?

There are a few signs that the Covid and its connected stressors are prying a few couples separated. Legitimate Templates, a site that gives authoritative reports to free and available to be purchased, noticed a 57 percent expansion in interest in the organization's partition records from February to April. Organization information showed that couples wedded over the most recent five...[ read more ]

What is Adolescence And It’s Stages?

Youth is the time of progress among adolescence and adulthood. It incorporates some large changes—to the body, and to how a youngster identifies with the world. The numerous physical, sexual, intellectual, social, and enthusiastic changes that occur during this time can bring expectations and nervousness for the two youngsters and their families. Understanding what's in store at various stages can...[ read more ]

What is Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse isn't something you should trifle with. It happens when you use liquor, physician endorsed medication, and other lawful and unlawful substances to an extreme or in the incorrect manner. Substance abuse contrasts with enslavement. Many people with substance abuse problems can end or can change their undesirable behavior. Habit, then again, is an infection. It implies you can't...[ read more ]

What is a spiritual love?

Spiritual love can allude to an affection established in an otherworldly association that assists us with discovering significance and reason in our lives. These otherworldly loves can fill various needs: some are intended to stroll with us through life, while others are intended to show us exercises. Now and again their motivation isn't clear immediately; all things considered, our otherworldliness...[ read more ]

Find Your Purpose In Life, Beat Depression.

I accept that if you discover your motivation and offer it to the world, you will be more joyful. This is because you are making the right decision for you, what talks about your qualities and is imperative to your life. On the off chance that you don't have the motivation to get up toward the beginning of the day,...[ read more ]

How To Forgive?

Treachery, animosity, and outright inhumanity: individuals can hurt us in 1,000,000 different ways, and pardoning isn't in every case simple. Regardless of whether you've been cut off in rush hour gridlock, insulted by your relative, double-crossed by a life partner, or knocked by an associate, a large portion of us are confronted with an assortment of circumstances both genuine and...[ read more ]

Sleep disorders

Rest issues are conditions that bring about changes in the manner that you rest. A rest problem can influence your general wellbeing, security, and personal satisfaction. Lack of sleep can influence your capacity to drive securely and increment your danger of other medical conditions. A portion of the signs and indications of rest issues incorporate unnecessary daytime drowsiness, unpredictable breathing,...[ read more ]

Enrich Your Relationship,

A decent marriage flourishes with the open trade of feelings, wants, and convictions. Truth be told, correspondence is perhaps the main part of a wonderful marriage. Most relationships go through unpleasant occasions, which can change how life partners speak with one another. Numerous couples grow unfortunate propensities and make ruinous examples when things aren't working out positively. How Does Communication...[ read more ]

How To Spot People With DID

Dissociative problems are portrayed by a compulsory break from reality described by a separation between considerations, personality, cognizance, and memory. Individuals from all age gatherings and racial, ethnic, and financial foundations can encounter a dissociative issue. Up to 75% of individuals experience in any event one depersonalization/derealization scene in their lives, with just 2% gathering the full rules for constant...[ read more ]

Reignite Intimacy With Your Partner.

Regardless of whether you're having probably the greatest days of your relationship or you're mid-contention, your accomplice needs to know you're as yet enamored. Every day confirmations fill in as delicate updates that you're as yet enthusiastic, genuine, and wanting to be around for quite a long time to come — ideally until the end of time. Here are 7...[ read more ]

When is the perfect time to seek a therapist?

Do I Need Counseling? Fortunately, we live in a day and age where treatment has shed the disgrace of just being for 'insane' individuals. But the obsolete idea perseveres that you need to feel dreadful or have a day-to-day existence that is in pieces to profit by guiding. The outcome? Regardless of whether we speculate we could utilize some help,...[ read more ]

The Effects of Technology on Mental Health

At whatever point you go to the shopping center or eatery, or even in your own home, attempt to glance around. You will see kids posting via web-based media, babies watching on iPads, and grown-ups whose telephones are directly close to their plates so prepared to get up at the main ring or any notice. We as a whole expertise...[ read more ]

The Modern Sex Talk

#MeToo. Social media. TikTok. Only Fans. Gender fluidity. The realities of what kids know — or think they know — about sex are vastly different than when we were growing up. While this assumption has been said between generations before, it is undoubtedly true today as young people have access to way more sexualized content than ever before. A typical...[ read more ]


        Becoming a dad for the first time can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a man’s life – but it can also create a host of new challenges that raise a guy’s stress level. It’s not unusual for men to get down on themselves or into a darker place as well, as studies show...[ read more ]

What You Need to Know About Pandemic Trauma and Depression

      Here's the thing: I had trauma or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) long before the pandemic; it's one of the reasons my depression is chronic. In my opinion, the pandemic has led to PTSD even in people who haven't contracted COVID-19. I say this with confidence because it's the reason my PTSD has become more intense since last...[ read more ]

Hidden in Plain Sight

  Ethan Kross Ph.D. Rafael Nadal is one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Although he’s well known for his speed and power on the court, there’s another feature of his performance that defines his play but subtly involves his mind more than his limbs: the quirky rituals he engages in. Take, for example, Nadal’s behavior during the...[ read more ]

Strategies for Self-Improvement During Difficult Times

Teyhou Smyth Ph.D., LMFT Is it good to have a New Years Resolution? It seems there was less talk about new year's resolutions during the transition from 2020 to 2021. Perhaps that was one of the few positive outcomes of Covid-19 and the myriad of other challenges from such a difficult year. New year's resolutions, despite their seemingly optimistic and empowering...[ read more ]

The Attunement Bridge: Healing From an Affair

By: Jenn TeGrotenhuis, LMHC John and Shannon brought their tattered marriage to therapy, to see if they could salvage it from an affair. Right away, we discovered they had a deep habitual communication pattern. John had a veneer of sweetness that we decided to call the “chill dude.” He liked to maintain this state of seeming “easy-going,” which appeared flexible...[ read more ]

 January is Mental Wellness Month!

    January is Mental Wellness Month! Focusing a few minutes every day on enhancing mental wellness can increase resilience, help manage stress, and build on an overall sense of well-being. Mental Wellness also helps combat symptoms of serious mental illness. If the concept of mental wellness is new to you, consider the following steps that can easily be added...[ read more ]

Intimate Connections by Dr. April: Welcome 2021! New Beginnings, New Found Hope, New Look

Holidays, COVID-19, and Addiction Recovery: Now What?

  By: Robert Narvarra As the holiday season draws closer, families are faced with the uncertainty of how exactly these events will unfold. Traditions and long-held practices in celebrating holidays are up in the air as the world continues to grapple with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the CDC, about 41% of the population in the U.S....[ read more ]

5 Common Myths About PTSD

            By: Shauna Springer As a nation simultaneously struggling with a healthcare pandemic, an economic crisis, and significant social justice issues, heightened levels of anxiety and stress have become the norm. That’s why now is a critical time to gain a better understanding of PTSD—and how to recognize its symptoms in ourselves and those around...[ read more ]

Do You Have PTSD?

  By; Dana Carretta-Stein The concept of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is used to describe mental health problems that some people develop after experiencing or witnessing an intensely traumatic experience such as a sexual assault, natural disaster, combat, or car accident. According to the American Psychiatric Association, about 1 in 11 people that have gone through a traumatic experience will have...[ read more ]

Congratulations to Dr. David Hall

From Everyone here at the Cape Coral Therapists team, we would like to congratulate you!!! Many Blessings for your Future.    

October Intimate Connections Newsletter by Dr. April

A New Season Brings New Found Hope!!!  

6 Ways to Increase Your Patience with Distance Learning

By: Andra Bonior Ph.D. Six months into the pandemic's ripple effects across the United States, many families have children at home who have not seen the inside of a school since this all began. To say I am seeing and hearing (and feeling!) exhaustion is an understatement. Juggling multiple roles without a break can be exhausting enough to cause a significant...[ read more ]

The Importance of Anxiety and Sleep

      By: Rebecca Ray Since the start of the pandemic, more adults is experiencing depression and anxiety symptoms while sleeping. Sleep deprivation worsens anxiety and depression, and this vicious cycle of little sleep, worry, and sadness perpetuate our loneliness and isolation. Anxiety Symptoms Adults juggle working from home during an uncertain financial time, sometimes late into the night. Some...[ read more ]

5 New Habits that Can Help Calm Anxiety Now

by: KRISTEN SULEMAN With all of the fast-paced changes we are collectively experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no wonder that many of us are noticing a rise in our anxiety levels. Our day-to-day lives have been significantly disrupted, and social distancing efforts can leave many of us feeling isolated. Let’s review a few ideas on how you can...[ read more ]

“We can’t hate ourselves into a version of ourselves we can love.” – LORI DESCHENE Cheat Sheet for Affirmations

    When you think about who you are, what do you say? Is it harder to come up with positive things about yourself than things you wish were different about you? If you tend to focus on the stuff you wish were different such as “I wish I was skinnier” or “I wish I had more money” etc., you are...[ read more ]

The Importance of Self-Care: 9 ways to have a Mindful Morning

Self -care is essential during this time. I believe that in order to balance out your day, and your life, you must look after yourself first. It seems as if, you do not take the time to find your self-care needs as a first priority, It leads to stress, anxiety, and many other internal issues. These scenarios can set our day...[ read more ]

Tips to Help Teens Cope During COVID-19

By Rubina Kapil  When our world changes quickly and suddenly because of things like COVID-19, it is common to experience changes in our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Feelings of anxiety, fear, or worry are typical in stressful situations. Typical reactions include: Feeling stressed or overwhelmed, frustrated or angry, worried or anxious Feeling restless, agitated, on ‘high alert’ or unable to...[ read more ]

5 Strategies for Coping With Anxiety During the Pandemic

Beth Kurland, Ph.D., Practical tips to try when you are anxious. I’ve been up in the middle of the night a lot lately. It’s given me the opportunity to work with my own anxiety and reflect on some of the things that can be most helpful at a time like this, with so many people struggling in personal and collective...[ read more ]

It’s OK Not to Feel Grateful Right Now

If you can't access gratitude right now, that's ok. Feel what you feel. There is a lot of pressure to feel grateful for health and well-being during this COVID-19 crisis. After all, so many others are in terrible pain. And while gratitude can increase a person’s level of satisfaction, help them see beyond the crisis, and train the mind to...[ read more ]

Letitia Browne-James: Black Lives Matter and Mental Health: ” A Call for Healing, Advocacy, Allies, and Social Justice”

Dr. Letitia Browne-James is the Founder and Owner of Victorious Living Counseling & Consulting, LLC. She is a Board Certified Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Counselor (FL), Qualified Clinical Supervisor (FL), and Florida Behavioral Health Case Manager Supervisor with over ten years of experience working with adults, children, families, and couples in many clinical settings as a counselor and administrator. She...[ read more ]

Seneca Williams with guest Jaekilla Walls: Reinventing and Discovering Your New Career with Passion “5 Tips for a Fulfilling Career Makeover”

On our Latest Bringing Intimacy Back show, we had guests, Seneca Williams, LMHC is an online therapist and international professional coach, with an online practice established in 2015. As a mental health advocate, she volunteers her time to various mental health causes. She also speaks and writes, to promote mental health wellness for professionals and entrepreneurs. I the show, Seneca expressed...[ read more ]

Peace and Meaning: Dr. David Hall

  On our Latest Bringing Intimacy Back show, we had guests, Dr. David Hall. Dr. David Hall is a Registered Mental Health counselor that provides services to individual, group, and couples therapy. Dr. Hall also integrates faith as an important component of care. One of Dr. Hall’s most important passion is Faith-based counseling or called Transformational Prayer. During the podcast,...[ read more ]

Intimate Connections June Newsletter: I Think It’s About Time For Some LOVE In The Air…Do You?

Collective Grief During COVID-19: Dr.Kiley Hanish

  On our Latest Bringing Intimacy Back show, we had guests, Dr. Kiley Hanish. Kiley Krekorian Hanish, OTD, OTR/L is a bereaved mother, doctor of occupational therapy, and founder of Return to Zero: H.O.P.E. Kiley and her husband Sean are creators of the Emmy-nominated film Return to Zero, starring Minnie Driver and Paul Adelstein. Based on their personal experience of...[ read more ]

239 Real Talk Virtual Event

Featuring Intimate Connections by Dr. April Newsletter May 2020

How to Help Teens Handle the Loss of Proms and Graduations

      by; Christine Carter, Ph.D., Like many young people around the world, this is a kid who has weathered some deep disappointments in the last month. She was studying at an art school, a once-in-a-lifetime semester program, when COVID-19 hit. Classes aren’t the same when you don’t have the materials, studio, and equipment you need for printmaking, sculpture,...[ read more ]

How to Cope with Bereavement During the COVID-19 Pandemic

      By: Jason Spendelow Ph.D. Grieving the loss of a loved one may be especially challenging right now. Bereavement is a painful, stressful, and difficult journey at the best of times. But grieving the loss of a loved one may be especially challenging during the  COVID-19 pandemic. Why Does the Pandemic Create Additional Strain for the Bereaved? We...[ read more ]

Thinking through some curious aspects of online appointments

  The pandemic, of course, changed all that, and seemingly everyone involved in the delivery of mental health care suddenly was pushed to use this technology…or else.  To help, states have been rushing to modify existing laws and regulations in an effort to make the service available to as many people as possible during this increased time of need. Now...[ read more ]


        By: Michele Qunitin, LCSW COVID-19 has changed all of our lives. Social distancing and staying home have become our new norm for now, and with that said, options are available to us virtually to still speak to a qualified therapist. You’ve heard about online counseling (sometimes called ​teletherapy​) and you’re curious if it might work for...[ read more ]

The new world of virtual Therapy

      Like many of you, I’ve suddenly found myself working from home.  Stress levels are high as we contend with our new normal.  The safety of seeing clients in my medical office building is abruptly and unexpectedly filled with uncertainly.  Suddenly doorknobs, hands extended in greeting, elevator call buttons, even the air around us are met with suspicion.  Standing...[ read more ]

Quarantine Quandaries: How to Beat the Hum Drum of Isolation

By Jessica Koblenz, PsyD In recent months we have been introduced to COVID-19, a virus, which has thousands of people across the globe, exposed with symptoms and many others fearing exposure and risk. There are widespread recommendations for social distancing, with thousands in quarantine and considerably more being advised to work from home. For many industries, this reflects a drastic change...[ read more ]

Let’s Prevent the spread of COVID-19

The American Red Cross is closely monitoring the outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and following the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). We know this is a stressful time and people want to know what they can do right now to protect themselves and their families. That’s why the Red Cross is highlighting some everyday steps...[ read more ]

How to Cope with Anxiety from the Coronavirus

  Our anxiety increases when we are confronted with threats to our health. The coronavirus constitutes such a threat. In this article, I present steps to help you cope with the increased anxiety stemming from the coronavirus. 1. Understand Your Odds We often experience spikes in anxiety when we believe that a threat is imminent and unavoidable. Considering the extensive...[ read more ]

How to Have Fun and Grow Closer on Your Couples Vacation

  Vacations are great. They help us relax, de-stress, engage in pleasurable activities and enjoy each other.   Studies show that vacations are generally good for your health and wellbeing. Going on vacation with your significant other can indeed help you get to know each other better, make new joint memories, and try new things together – all beneficial for...[ read more ]

More than us: How marriage can draw you closer to God

Written by Amy Van Veen From the thrill of wedding anticipation to settling into the roles of husband and wife, it can be easy to forget that marriage is about far more than just two people. What if the marriage wasn’t seen as an end in and of itself? What if it was seen as a means of drawing closer to...[ read more ]

Signs of a Mental Health Crisis

A mental health crisis can display in a variety of ways. There is no one indicator that a person is experiencing a mental health emergency, but here some signs to look for. The person may be: Unable to complete daily tasks like getting dressed, brushing teeth, bathing, etc. Verbally saying, writing or insinuating that they’d like to kill themselves and/or...[ read more ]

Most Common Reasons for Seeking Help from a Therapist or Counselor

  Contrary to the myth that only “crazy people” seek help from a therapist, many individuals and families have discovered the value of working with a mental health professional for various personal and social issues that are causing them severe distress. The following is a list of some of the most common reasons individuals seek help from a therapist or...[ read more ]

Trauma: There are people who care…

How Trauma Affects The Brain There are many reasons that trauma hurts us. One thing you may not know is that trauma physically changes our brains. When you experience a traumatic event, your mind changes. Areas of your brain that once worked in a particular way change based on hyperarousal due to trauma. For example, the amygdala gets over-activated after...[ read more ]

How The Love Of Music Improves Your Mental Health?

  It has been generally accepted that both listening to and creating music can have various positive effects on mood and mental health. Incorporating music into your everyday life can help to: elevate your mood and motivation aid relaxation increase the efficiency of your brain processing. Ways to use music for mental health So, we have learned that music is...[ read more ]


  Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment method that has been used for emotional and physical ailments since ancient times.  Essential oils derived from plants are either inhaled or absorbed through the skin to promote mental well-being and ease physical discomfort.  Today, this method is not always recognized as a valid form of treatment in the medical community, but this is...[ read more ]

Supporting a Partner With Depression

  Depression may look different from person to person, but at its core, the illness often causes people to feel lonely, inadequate and misunderstood. One of the most prevalent symptoms of depression is a feeling of isolation. At times, people with depression may isolate because they don’t want to inflict their pain on the people they love; other times, it’s...[ read more ]

How to make it work when your partner is always travelling …

Don’t romanticize your spouse’s life If you’ve never traveled for work, it might seem like a pretty sweet gig: All expenses paid in upscale restaurants; clean, cozy hotel rooms; no carpools, sibling rivalry or dishes to deal with. But for the most part, work travel is, well, work. There’s almost never time to explore and enjoy the city like you...[ read more ]

How Art Therapy Is Used to Help People Heal

Art therapy integrates psycho-therapeutic techniques with the creative process to improve mental health and well-being. The American Art Therapy Association characterizes art therapy as an approach to mental health that utilizes the process of creating art to improve mental, physical, and emotional wellness. The goal of art therapy is to utilize the creative process to help people explore self-expression and,...[ read more ]

Coping With Stress at Work

Everyone who has ever held a job has, at some point, felt the pressure of work-related stress. Any job can have stressful elements, even if you love what you do. In the short-term, you may experience pressure to meet a deadline or to fulfill a challenging obligation. But when work stress becomes chronic, it can be overwhelming — and harmful...[ read more ]

18 Strategies To Improve Communication

  1. Create your own marriage or relationship rules. People don’t always know how to start this process, but they really like this idea! They find it to be eye-opening, beneficial and helps create a conversation about their relationship. 2. Before you get into any discussion, determine the emotional mood you are in and then communicate that to the other...[ read more ]

Pushing Through The Hard Times….

Pushing through the hard

Pushing Through The Hard Times…. Every married couple experiences their share of pain, disconnection, betrayal, and extraordinary stress. Some discover that if they will push through together and not make enemies of each other in the process, the beauty they experience on the other side far surpasses anything they could have imagined for themselves. If you’re in a tough season,...[ read more ]

Financial Intimacy

  Financial Intimacy  101 Money is not a four-letter word.  Then why do some couples fight about it or even refuse to discuss it all together? You may have heard the statistic that money is the #1 cause of divorce, but that's only partly true.  Whether you have it or not isn't the root of the problem, it is typically...[ read more ]

3 Tips on How to Prepare for Couples Counseling

How to Prepare for Couples Counseling

Therapists are often asked by couples how to best prepare for couples counseling. It’s a typical question, but the answer will vary depending on the couple. Good couples therapy offers a variety of skills for each individual to be the best version of themselves so that they can help the relationship be the best version of itself. Couples therapy will...[ read more ]

Hidden Intimacy

  Hidden Intimacy    Technology shoulders a lot of the blame when it comes to losing the intimate connections in our relationships, and for good reason.  What if we turned the tables? What if we could open the doors to the best intimate connection we have ever had with our partner? What if we could capture true, authentic intimacy through...a...[ read more ]

Emotional Intimacy – 5 Tips to Grow Intimacy in Your Relationship

    Emotional Intimacy seems  simple and straight forward, but can be  surprisingly elusive.  Emotional intimacy can vary greatly from couple to couple, person to person and from one time to another. Emotional intimacy is the perception of closeness.  Emotionally intimate couples have a shared expectation of understanding, affirmation and sharing of personal feelings and bonding. Emotional intimacy can set...[ read more ]

Crisis Intimacy

Crisis Intimacy.   Two words that almost don't seem like they belong in the same thought, but surprisingly crisis can bring us more intimacy than ever before.  Crisis happens to some degree at some point in all of our lives.  It is up to us to harness this time as a tool to strengthen our intimacy or to let it fall...[ read more ]

Creative Intimacy

  Creative intimacy is a relaxing, passive way to bring couples together. Sharing activities that bring us joy, stimulate the mind and spirit and help keep stress under control have immeasurable benefits for couples.     Some immediate health benefits of being creative are: Boosts mood Boosts brain function Increases immune health and defense   Creative intimacy doesn’t have to be...[ read more ]

Conflict Intimacy

  Yes, sometimes we disagree, even argue.  We have more conflict with those we are closest to because we share so much of ourselves and our lives with those we love most. Conflict is inevitable, but it doesn’t always have to bring distance in a relationship. When used as a tool to explore our differences, conflict can work to bring...[ read more ]

Communication Intimacy

  Today’s topic is abundant and far reaching.  Communication leads to deeper intimacy.  Intimacy leads to better communication.  Communication IS intimacy and intimacy IS communication. People connect through talking and keeping the communication channels open brings an abundance of intimacy into our relationships.  Be it with friends, family, or your partner. Some things to consider when sharpening your communication skills:...[ read more ]

Tuesday Tip: Aesthetic Intimacy

  Join us as we start our fall series “Bringing Basics Back”.  This series will have a new Tuesday Tip every week with simple ways to open the door to intimacy  every day.  Aesthetic Intimacy   For our first step in “Bringing Basics Back” we take a look at aesthetic intimacy.  Sharing experiences of beauty can relax and calm the...[ read more ]

The Importance of Self-Intimacy

Have you noticed a real lack of connection in any of your relationships? This lack of connection can be family, friends, or a loved one. Although you may feel this lack of connection one thing is for sure, you are not alone. For most of us our problems or lack of connection with other people comes from a lack of...[ read more ]

Forgiveness Intimacy

Forgiveness Intimacy “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”—Mahatma Gandhi All couples eventually experience times of conflict, hurt, and letting each other down. Sometimes the offense is as minor as forgetting a date or failing to run an errand. For some couples, the offense might involve a major betrayal such as infidelity, addiction, or abuse....[ read more ]

Conflict Intimacy

What Is Conflict Intimacy? Conflict Intimacy is focused on facing and understanding the differences couples may have, and being able to respect those differences. Conflict resolution is a skill that couples must learn in order to maintain conflict intimacy. All couples eventually experience times of conflict, hurt, and letting each other down. Sometimes the offense is as minor as forgetting a...[ read more ]

Why Spiritual Intimacy Is A Must

Spiritual intimacy is often misunderstood by majority of couples. In relationships couples often have different  religious views and fail to realize that they still can connect spiritually. Spiritual intimacy is not about having identical views on religion, it about connecting to the spirit of your mate. This connection spiritually will overcome the challenges of being in a relationship that couples...[ read more ]

Why More Senior Citizens Are Seeking Relationship Counseling

Contrary to some beliefs senior citizens have the same issues that younger couples face in relationships. Honestly, some issues are only experienced by seniors. In most cases issues cannot be resolved on their own. It can be difficult to be objective without feeling the sting of accusations that often cause couples to be defensive with each other. A practical solution...[ read more ]

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