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Common Dream Symbols and Their Meanings

Having and recalling vivid dreams is both a blessing and a curse. The brain’s most uninhibited creativity takes place during sleep, which can lead to wild inspiration and motivation. On the other hand, the brain is complicated and processes experiences in the waking world during sleep. Processing negative emotions and experiences can cause dreams to take a dark turn into...[ read more ]

Children’s Sports and Confidence

Research has always touted the benefits of youth sports both physically and mentally. Sports can be a great way to promote socialization and teamwork as well as improve confidence and resilience. A child may meet their best friend that they share all their secrets with on the soccer field. Or they may land their gymnastic routine and begin to portray...[ read more ]

The Importance of Charity Work

For many people, one, two, or even five dollars is easily forgotten. Did you miss that pocket change when you put your pants through the wash? Remember that surprise you felt when you found the crumpled up two dollars under the couch cushions? While these few missing dollars every year remissfully pass through our consciousness,they can change the entire day...[ read more ]

How To Deal With A “Karen”

Recently my sister Becky and I were listening to an animated story from a 10 year old boy who explained to us that “girls on the playground can be real Karen’s.” We did not understand and asked, “What is a Karen?” Using air quotes he told us that a “Karen” was a girl that who was not so nice. He...[ read more ]

Antisocial Personality Disorder: Misunderstood and Mischaracterized

The terms “sociopath” and “psychopath” are both out of date and out of touch. They carry negative connotations with them throughout society from a history of stigmatization. Most people don’t even know what these terms used to mean, let alone what the updated diagnosis of “antisocial personality disorder” is. Psychopathy There is no one accepted definition of psychopathy. It is...[ read more ]

Gratitude in the Hardest Times

The easiest thing to do during a time of struggle is to throw up your hands, look up at the sky, and ask, “God, why me?” What doesn’t come easy is the answer to that question. The truth is that there is always a reason for what God puts in our lives. There is always a reason for that roadblock....[ read more ]

Does your Marriage need a Vacation?

Lives are changing for the better here at Cape Coral Therapists because of the Vacation Counseling-Couples Retreat Program and its implementation in our community and as we reach out to the World Wide Web.  How can I tell? I can see it in the couple's eyes…they are brighter. I can see it in their smiles…they are wider. I hear it...[ read more ]

In The Moment Meditation

“I have a forty-hour work weeks, chores, appointments, kids, general personal care, and you want me to think about meditation? Yeah, right.” I hear this sentiment incredibly often in my sessions. Many lifestyles just aren’t built to accommodate what is typically thought of as meditation. But meditation can be whatever and however long you choose it to be! When life...[ read more ]

Who Is Holding Your “Remote Control”?

Is he or she emotional, subject to jealous fits? Is he or she prone to temper tantrums? Is he or she subject to wide mood swings? Is he or she calm under any circumstance? These questions are essential because, as much as you would like to be fully in charge of your life when you date someone and become emotionally...[ read more ]

How To Show Up For Your Other Half

If everyone went through hardships completely on their own, the world would be a much sadder place. The fact about humans is that we are a communal species. We need each other for support and caring when life goes awry. How that support and care looks is different for everyone though. There is simply no cookie-cutter method to helping everyone,...[ read more ]

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