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239 Real Talk Mental Health: 19 Ways to Cope With COVID

19 Ways to Cope with COVID

Thinking through some curious aspects of online appointments

  The pandemic, of course, changed all that, and seemingly everyone involved in the delivery of mental health care suddenly was pushed to use this technology…or else.  To help, states have been rushing to modify existing laws and regulations in an effort to make the service available to as many people as possible during this increased time of need. Now...[ read more ]


        By: Michele Qunitin, LCSW COVID-19 has changed all of our lives. Social distancing and staying home have become our new norm for now, and with that said, options are available to us virtually to still speak to a qualified therapist. You’ve heard about online counseling (sometimes called ​teletherapy​) and you’re curious if it might work for...[ read more ]

The new world of virtual Therapy

      Like many of you, I’ve suddenly found myself working from home.  Stress levels are high as we contend with our new normal.  The safety of seeing clients in my medical office building is abruptly and unexpectedly filled with uncertainly.  Suddenly doorknobs, hands extended in greeting, elevator call buttons, even the air around us are met with suspicion.  Standing...[ read more ]

Quarantine Quandaries: How to Beat the Hum Drum of Isolation

By Jessica Koblenz, PsyD In recent months we have been introduced to COVID-19, a virus, which has thousands of people across the globe, exposed with symptoms and many others fearing exposure and risk. There are widespread recommendations for social distancing, with thousands in quarantine and considerably more being advised to work from home. For many industries, this reflects a drastic change...[ read more ]

Let’s Prevent the spread of COVID-19

The American Red Cross is closely monitoring the outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and following the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). We know this is a stressful time and people want to know what they can do right now to protect themselves and their families. That’s why the Red Cross is highlighting some everyday steps...[ read more ]

How to Cope with Anxiety from the Coronavirus

  Our anxiety increases when we are confronted with threats to our health. The coronavirus constitutes such a threat. In this article, I present steps to help you cope with the increased anxiety stemming from the coronavirus. 1. Understand Your Odds We often experience spikes in anxiety when we believe that a threat is imminent and unavoidable. Considering the extensive...[ read more ]

How to Have Fun and Grow Closer on Your Couples Vacation

  Vacations are great. They help us relax, de-stress, engage in pleasurable activities and enjoy each other.   Studies show that vacations are generally good for your health and wellbeing. Going on vacation with your significant other can indeed help you get to know each other better, make new joint memories, and try new things together – all beneficial for...[ read more ]

More than us: How marriage can draw you closer to God

Written by Amy Van Veen From the thrill of wedding anticipation to settling into the roles of husband and wife, it can be easy to forget that marriage is about far more than just two people. What if the marriage wasn’t seen as an end in and of itself? What if it was seen as a means of drawing closer to...[ read more ]

Signs of a Mental Health Crisis

A mental health crisis can display in a variety of ways. There is no one indicator that a person is experiencing a mental health emergency, but here some signs to look for. The person may be: Unable to complete daily tasks like getting dressed, brushing teeth, bathing, etc. Verbally saying, writing or insinuating that they’d like to kill themselves and/or...[ read more ]

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