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Hidden Intimacy


Hidden Intimacy 


Technology shoulders a lot of the blame when it comes to losing the intimate connections in our relationships, and for good reason.  What if we turned the tables? What if we could open the doors to the best intimate connection we have ever had with our partner? What if we could capture true, authentic intimacy through…a cell phone?  


Instead of looking to your phone to be a distraction, with a whole world of information at your fingertips, you could look at it as a direct inbox to your significant other.  It all depends on how you’re using this modern tool. 


Never before have we been able to send a mid-day message to our spouse about how much they inspire us and we can’t wait to see them at dinner {heart emoji}.  Or send a picture, for their eyes only, of the chic outfit you chose for date night. 


If we harness this connection, we can have the strongest relationship we have ever experienced, but ground rules are key.  Here are 3 quick tips to using the phone to bring you closer and less distracted.  


  1. Send a lunch time “I love you” or “Can’t wait to see you!”. Knowing someone is thinking about you in the hours you are away feeds intimacy.  I even encourage you to get a little more racey. Maybe let them know you can’t wait for that massage they promised you, or tell them how much your lips can’t wait to kiss them! 
  2. Inside jokes are strings that hold us together.  We have them with friends, coworkers and most importantly, our partners.  You can send a funny meme, picture, or joke that maybe only they will understand because of the life you have shared.  You can give them a giggle and get your warm welcome when you are reunited.  
  3. Schedule technology down time.  These instant messengers we have at our fingertips are amazing tools for fostering intimacy and closeness, but left unchecked and they can be a major distraction.  Set a guideline for when the phones, tablets and notifications go silent and you can spend priceless one on one time together as often as is needed in your relationship. 


Intimacy can be created in so many ways as we yearn for that deeper connection.  If you use the tools in the right ways, and are diligent about minimizing distractions, you can have the best relationship you will ever experience.  

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