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In The Moment Meditation

“I have a forty-hour work weeks, chores, appointments, kids, general personal care, and you want me to think about meditation? Yeah, right.”

I hear this sentiment incredibly often in my sessions. Many lifestyles just aren’t built to accommodate what is typically thought of as meditation. But meditation can be whatever and however long you choose it to be! When life just seems to throw you one punch after the other, think about what you do in your day-to-day activities to incorporate meditation into them.


Disclaimer!: Don’t meditate while driving your car! Keep focused on the road! This tip is only for people who use public transportation!

Now that that is said, if your commute is over fifteen minutes, that is plenty of time for a five minute meditation session! Sitting on the train, subway, or bus is a perfect time to center yourself before heading into work. Pop in your headphones, put on some calming music or a short guided meditation, close your eyes, and breathe. If you couldn’t find a seat today, upright meditation is a possibility too. Just be sure to hold on tight and don’t miss your stop!

Repetitive Tasks

Repetition is an easy way to get into a “flow state”. A flow state is when your mind and body are fully immersed in the task at hand. The action comes naturally and in a steady rhythm, so mistakes are low. In this flow state, you can easily turn your attention inward and focus on centering your mind and body as your hands move. Have to mend a clothing item? Flow state. Mopping or sweeping? Flow state! Mindless tasks are a perfect way to bring yourself back to center.

In the Bathroom

I know, but hear me out! You already bring your phone with you to the bathroom, right? You scroll down your feed continuously until suddenly, you realize ten minutes have passed! Cut that time in half and use it to meditate!

Meditating doesn’t HAVE to be on the toilet either. There are many different guided shower meditations. If you take long showers, take five minutes of that time to breath, root yourself, and let go. If you take short showers, what’s another five minutes tacked on?

The possibilities of meditation are endless. You just have to open yourself up to what meditation can look like. It doesn’t require fifteen minutes or more of silence. It can be with music, during an activity, whatever makes you feel calm and able to let go of your worries.

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