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Dr. April Brown’s Qualified Clinical Mental Health and Marriage & Family Supervision and Mentoring

Dr. April’s qualified clinical supervision is a person-centered journey.  She provides supervision and mentoring through video counseling.   During the journey of supervision, she provides a trustworthy environment and prepares her supervisees with proper resources and skills. Furthermore, her focus in supervision is to improve her supervisees’ counseling and professional development skills.   She specializes in helping mental health and marriage and family professionals create and have their own successful private practice.  In fact, she has been in the counseling field for almost 20 years. Thus, she has assisted many counselors in becoming competent in the mental health field.   At this point, she has helped 20+ counselors become a LMHC/LMFT and have their own practice and currently she has 15 interns/graduate students who she is supervising and mentoring in having their own private practice.

Dr. April knows that the journey of supervision is a process. Thus, she makes sure that she displays trust and respect.  She wants her supervisees to feel open to self-reflect on their attitudes and behaviors about their counseling sessions so that they can collaborate with her on what is best for their clients. Furthermore, when there is mutual trust and respect in the supervisory relationship, supervisees are more likely to express their concerns, ask questions, and accept feedback.  Thus, she believes in having a strong working alliance with her supervisees.

Dr. April Brown’s Clinical Supervision Fees

Dr. April has been supervising school counselors since 2003 and mental health registered interns since 2011.  Her supervision fees are $85.00 per supervision session.  Therefore, if you are needing a Florida Qualified Clinical Supervisor in Fort Myers, please consider contacting Dr. April Brown for more information.  She can be reached at 239-565-6921 or at

Testimony from some of Dr. April Brown’s former interns:

“I worked under Dr. Brown for my entire clinical cycle and I feel really lucky to have had her as my supervisor. She has so much knowledge in the field and is truly business savvy which is exactly the kind of experience I was hoping for as a supervisee. I knew that private practice was the route I wanted to take right out of grad school and Dr. Brown created an open environment where I was able to learn the ins and outs of private practice in ways that I would have missed out on had I interned at an agency. I’m really grateful for the whole experience!”

~ Nicole Geddie

“Finding a supervisor who will guide you through the internship years is an important task, and I was lucky and glad that I found Dr. Brown who took me as an intern. During supervision time, it is a journey towards growth, and as an intern, I needed a supervisor who could understand both the objective and subjective factors that new beginning counselors will face in their supervision years. Dr. Brown provided guidance on the counseling process and how the counselor interns will be able to be successful in their internship. I do thank you Dr. Brown for sharing her experiences and guiding me during my internship, and I strongly recommend her to any counselor intern who is beginning the internship journey. “

~ Carlos Moreira, LMHC

“As a recent former registered mental counselor intern under Dr. Brown, I can’t begin to express how blessed I was to have her as my supervisor. Dr. Brown truly cares about her interns, whenever needing guidance, she was always there and willing to provide feedback. Dr. Brown always believed in me and challenged me professionally to pursue my dreams in opening my own private practice. Through her guidance, support, and mentorship. I am have been able to establish a successful practice of my own.”

~ Jessica Sagastume, LMHC

“A consummate counseling-supervisor, Dr. April Brown demonstrated her advanced skill and experience during my experience in supervision with her. Between her clear expertise regarding how to properly supervise and her clear dedication to the profession, I acquired invaluable experience and I progressed in a timely fashion to successfully acquiring my Florida mental health counseling license. I am very happy that I chose Dr. April Brown for supervision.”

~ Michael O’Brien, M.A. M.Ed. LMHC

“Dr. April Brown has provided me with supervision for licensure for the past three years. As a supervisor, she is encouraging, supportive, flexible, and always available when a difficult situation arises. She delicately pushed me out of my comfort zone and supported me from the ground up with my now thriving private practice. Dr. Brown’s guidance and professionalism are what led me to finalize my Mental Health Counselor License. ”

~ Kimberly Rogers, LMHC

“As a clinical supervisor, Dr. April Brown, provided consistent support and encouragement allowing me to develop a clinical approach which reflects my personal goals and style. During, the time I was becoming licensed, there were moves and shifts. Dr. Brown made sure that there was enough physical and emotional space as well as consistent supervision of our work. She provided candid and non-judgmental support as well as ethical direction teaching me to find what was clinically appropriate. Dr. Brown always following up on clinical recommendations. Her supervision, like her demeanor, has always been consistent and growth-oriented.

Dr. Brown is a brilliant mentor and someone anyone would benefit from aspiring to emulate. She is kind and thoughtful, disciplined, and forward-thinking. She is an unstoppable and fearless innovator. She has this uncanny ability to make people, and me, feel comfortable and safe enough to speak my truth. When tough subjects arise, through coaching and direction, her presence steers conversation to a helpful, solution-oriented place. I have never seen her get stuck. I marvel at how she encourages every person I have ever seen her in contact with to feel comfortable and reach higher toward goals they never dreamed they could bring to fruition.”
Very truly, Raina Burlak, LMHC NCC

“Dr. April Brown provided me supportive and responsive clinical supervision making my transition from registered intern in Oregon to Florida more manageable. She is a strong advocate for her interns and provided both clinical expertise and ethical guidance to me through my own professional development from intern to becoming a licensed mental health counselor on Florida! Thank you Dr. April for your wonderful mix of authenticity, knowledge base, clinical competencies, and professionalism!”

~ Brenda Sirois, MA, LPC,LMHC,NCC

Starting Your Own Private Practice & Supervision in Cape Coral for Registered Mental Health Intern

Posted by Dr. April Brown

If you are thinking you want to start your own private practice and you are a registered mental health intern in Cape Coral who needs a clinical supervisor, please contact me because I may have an opportunity for you. The office space is in the Del Prado Mall in Cape Coral. For more information, please contact me at 239-565-6921 or by email at  Thanks,

Dr. April Brown’s Consulting Services

Dr. April specializes in empowering individuals and their families to obtain their personal, educational, and professional goals.  In addition, she assists educational and healthcare organizations and professionals in providing high quality culturally competent services to meet effectively the diverse needs of all their clients and students.   She works in collaboration with consultees under the ethical guidelines of the American Counseling Association to meet, assess and diagnosis, provide recommendations, develop plans, and create reports for cases that center on secondary or post-secondary educational, diversity, or mental health concerns.  Dr. April takes confidentiality in consultation very seriously. She will protect your identity and the information that you disclose in consultation under the guidelines of the confidentiality rules in the state of Florida.

Dr. April have been providing consultation services since 2000. The length and fees of her consultation will depend on the situation and will be determined by all parties involved.  For more information about Dr. April Brown’s Consulting Services, please contact her at 239-565-6921 or at

Dr. April Brown’s Life Coaching Services

Dr. April has the unique ability to help individuals get off the bench of life.  She has spent decades researching, training, and working with people.  She will work with you to help you get insight to be able to surpass your goals.  Her motto is to provide insight, motivation, empowerment, results, and action in a nonjudgmental environment.  Her services are effective and have helped people become more engaged with their love ones, discover their niche, start business, find better jobs, strengthen their faith, become results producing leaders, serve their community, and most importantly have more self-confidence in themselves. For more information about Dr. April Brown’s Life Coaching Services, please contact her at 239-565-6921 or at


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