Couple Therapy and Pre-Marital Counseling Services


Couples Therapy

Are you struggling in your relationship maybe because of lack of communication, trust, intimacy, finances, respect, security, and etc… If so, have you all thought about couples therapy? Couples therapy works on breaking down the walls between a couple to help them regain or gain for the first time the strong bond/intimate connection in a neutral environment. A bond that will allow each individual to feel respected, secured, and loved.


Pre-Marital Counseling Services

Are you planning on getting married soon?  If so, consider pre-martial counseling services by Dr. April Brown.  Research has shown that pre-marital counseling services have been effective in building stronger marriages.

Here are some of the topics that will be discuss:

Pre-Marital Counseling Services

  • Love in Marriage
  • Communication in Marriage
  • Freedom in Marriage
  • Sex in Marriage
  • Money
  • SelfishnessPre-Marital Counseling Services
  • Relatives
  • Religious Expectations
  • Expectations Related to Children
  • Social Media



Pre-Marital Counseling Services


For more information and resources on intimacy and relationships , check out Dr. April’s Bringing Intimacy Back 





For more information about Couples Counseling and Pre-Marital Counseling Services, please contact Dr. April Brown.