Peter Covert

Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern – IMH2654

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Phone: (239) 887- 6217



By appointment only

Saturdays only  2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Cape Coral Offices

Session Format: Individual, Couples, Groups

Age Specialty: Elders, Adults, Young Adults

Demographic Specialty: Christian, Those interested in the Perennial wisdom of world spiritual belief, Agnostic and atheistic

Treatment Approach: Person Centered, Cognitive, Action oriented.

Approach Description: Peter uses a strengths-based approach in working with clients and their perceptions. In sessions, the presenting problems will be attended in such a way as to clarify the problem, explore identified patterns, determine potential solutions, and mean to implement to solutions or goals. Peter believe clients are much stronger than they might know, and entirely capable of improving their lives in proportion to knowledge of the problem and their interest in experiencing creative ways to approach our challenges.  A board certified clinical psychodramatist, Peter utilizes methods where the client might demonstrate their understandings, enact what took place, gain insight into how the situation may have had a better outcome, and actually role play, or “role train” the client new and creative approach.  Some of life’s greatest struggles offer great rewards, if we take the time to think about the problem, understand it, and take some form of action, in our own behalf, for our own well-being. Experiencing ourselves change, becoming better, stronger confident is a wonderful experience.  Just taking the step to confront what bothers us, is empowering.  Facing those fears, sorrows, compulsions willingly, is the basis of psychotherapy.  Allow me to introduce you to this process.


Peter earned a bachelor’s degree in Applied behavioral Science from National Lewis University, Chicago Illinois (1994), a Masters degree from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale Florida (1997).


His experience with clients covers the entire developmental spectrum, as a children’s therapist at acute crisis stabilization psychiatric hospitals, and community mental health centers (7 years), To working with Hospice patients and their families (5 years). Peter has provided Addiction treatment with adolescents, adults and elders.  Recovery requires a strategy, rarely do human being recover in isolation.  Rarely do social beings experience a full life with less than adequate social skills. If you have wondered what it would be like to feel better, have an understanding of what is “True” for you, or relieve your self in some measure from social and psychological fears, let’s talk about forming a collaborative and therapeutic relationship.

Areas of Interest and expertise:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Substance abuse, dependence, recovery strategies, screening
  • Relationship Counseling (Self, others, spiritual, marital, partners)
  • Mature adult concerns (Adjusting to the process of aging)
  • Grief and Loss  (Natural and Complicated Grief)
  • Anticipatory Mourning (Caregiver support, Preparing for loss)
  • Veteran concerns: Reintegration, Family separation, Trauma
  • Determining and reorganization of our Emotional vulnerabilities
  • Adjustment frustrations
  • Defining Love  (Committed Benevolent Interest)
  • Forgiveness (Forgiveness requires practical steps be implemented)
  • Spiritual counseling wisdom of six major faiths


  • $75 per session
  • Group members $35 for a two hour session

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